What is a VAR?

A constantly growing complexity exists within the IT industry as technologies continually evolve almost on a per-second basis. New challenges require innovative solutions for companies of all sizes. Almost every imaginable company has pain points in regard to their IT requirements, but what is the method for developing these solutions? Is there such thing as a one-stop shop for solutions?

Many times, companies are unable to devote full-time salaried resources towards creating solutions for their pain points let alone find the qualified and specialized expertise needed. A value-added reseller (VAR) can provide resolutions for their customers’ needs. VAR is a company that resells products from manufacturers and typically combines those products with additional products and/or services. Upon reviewing all the requirements for the customer’s pain points, the VAR works to provide a holistic solution that resolves pain points and improves the customer’s business functions.

The value-added function of the reseller is through the means of combining the products and / or services to suit the customer. The holistic solution may be a combination of products and services from varied manufacturers or it may be one singular product that satisfies all the requirements for the solution. The holistic solution also features service expertise in consultation, implementation, customization, training, and much more! Contrary to a company devoting full-time resources and picking out specialized individual to man these needs, they can bring in a value-added reseller that already has the experience and proficiency to develop the ideal solutions for their pain points.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how to select the right VAR to work with.